Fulein and Macaron's
of "SamoRine"

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Strong enemies are approaching!
Your current Units might not be strong enough.

Macaron Macaron: The enemy is becoming stronger. But you can't summon powerful units....

Fulein Fulein: Yeah, that's right. I think we should bring out a  "Soldier." The Solder has a 【skill】called "Preemptive" which makes it very powerful.

Macaron Ooh.... You can only summon a "Fighter"....

Fulein When a Fighter has "Attack Power of 15 or higher," he can 【evolve】to a soldier.

Macaron Is that right? Now, don't we have to make the Fighter level-up?

Fulein Sometimes. If the level isn't high enough, we can 【combine with a "Fang" to increase Attack power】.

Macaron Ah, I get it. Since you have a "Fang" () you can try to combine them.

Combine with a "Fang" to increase attack power!

There! A new class can be chosen!

Evolved into a Soldier!

Fulein His attack power became 15. He can evolve!

Macaron It works! He's now a soldier.

Fulein Good. The fight will be a lot easier now.

After class-changing, you can use the soldier's skill "Preemptive"!

Macaron The Preemptive skill is good for defense. The class-change was good♪

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