Fulein and Macaron's
of "SamoRine"

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Fulein   Fulein: We're introducing the most powerful attacks last.

Macaron  Macaron: What? What?

Fulein When a three-person party meets the requirements for a "Team Attack," a special killer skill may be used.

This is a "Team Attack"!

Macaron Ah! Seriously, I haven't seen those attacks!! What are the conditions??

Fulein Even here the attribute is important.

Macaron The unit's attribute?

Fulein Yeah, you got it.
Don't have a unit in the【party】have the same or opposite elemental attribute as the leader.
The attributes of the three unit's must all be different.

are the basic conditions.

[Translation Note: Is this correct?! Is it?! >_<]

Macaron Yeah~~. It's hard....

Fulein For example, the fire-elemental Fighter is the 【leader】,and because the【opposite element】is water, the teammates should be wind-elemental and earth-elemental.

Earth-elemental "Goblin" and wind-elemental
Harpy have opposite elements.

Macaron Hmm-hmm. The earth-elemental Goblin and the wind-elemental Harpy have become teammates.

Fulein That's right, it's OK. Well, let's try fighting with this party.

There! Conditions were met!
Team Attack "Sword Dance" was begun!

Damage was given to everyone!
Macaron Awsome! All the enemies took a lot of damage!!

Fulein We did it. It's fun to think of which three units to put in a party so that it'll work everytime.

Macaron Yeah, that's right. We're aiming for them to lose ♪

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