Tales of Rebirth
Veigue Lungberg

Age: 18 years
Race: Huma
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 71 kg)
Name: from "Vague"

Up north, where there are chilling winds and a beautiful view, there is the village of Soolz, where this this young man was born in raised. When he was very young, his parents died, and he was adopted by the family of Claire, his childhood friend. The occassion caused him to close his heart and never speak. Therefore, he tends to strike people as cool and aloof, when he is actually zealous and unable to overlook wrong-doing.

He had been living peacefully in the village, never considering adventure. But now an incident has occured that threatens him and those surroundings, so he has decided to pull his roots from the peaceful everyday life.

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