Tales of Rebirth
Claire Bennett

Age: 17 years
Race: Huma
Gender: Female
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Name: French for "clear"

Claire is the story's heroine and a Huma girl from Soolz. Her family took pity on Veigue and adopted him when he was young. Veigue, who never let's his guard down and is often recitent and unsociable, softens up around Claire. She has a reputation in the village as a beautiful girl with a strong mind and a kind heart, always willing to help out strangers. She finds people's strengths instead of weaknesses, she is able to look at others without discrimination, and she loves everybody.

Claire had never thought of leaving Soolz, where she was born and raised, but an unexpected fate seperates her from home. Still, she never forgets to look on the bright side, and she brings hope to an atmosphere of adversity.

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