Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon

Name: Kururu/Kruel/Kruelle
Age: ?
Gender: ...male?
Class: varies/cute animal
Home: mountain, Narikiri House

Likes: his name, Mel, music, singing, dancing, being cute, using ridiculous amounts of TP
Dislikes: being confused, being given dumb names like "Star Lord Great"

Kururu (officially translated as "Kruel" and "Kruelle", but no one cares) is Mel and Dio's pet, the cute shape-shifting animal thing who followed Dio home from the mountains day.

Kururu is a very mysterious creature (I think he has psychic powers!) who's appearence and abilities change with his mood. When feeling friendly, he tends to be cute and uses status-changing skills. When feeling wild, he looks fierce and is unmatched in brute strength. His main personality trait, faithful, gives him use of sorcery (like elves tend to use).

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