SystemGameboy & Gameboy Color
Release DateNov 2000
Buy it?Himeya
MiscToP Sequel!
USA Releasen/a
This is Tales of Phantasia's not-quite-a-direct-sequal. The game begins 100 years after the "present" of ToP, when someone finds a pair of infants in a light that fell from the sky. The infants are given to you to raise, and they grow up to have mysterious powers. The magical spirit Norun sends them to prove they are worthy of learning about their past.

Being costume artists, they have about 90 different classes between them, and about 150 different special skills. And the third playable character, the obligatory cute animal that is Mel and Dio's pet, would be a shape-shifter of course. Kururu can do pretty everything except healing spells.

This game may be in Japanese, but that doesn't mean any Japanese-impared ToP fan can't play it! It requires very little Japanese knowledge, compared to many RPG's, but you ought to know two of the alphabets. (If you can read this you already know two alphabets--uppercase and lowercase are two separate sets of symbols!--so what's two more? Don't let a some funny-looking symbols scare you off, you wimp. :p) They're easy to learn.

Due to GBC limitations, the battle system is turn-based, but I consider it the best turn-based battle system in existence excluding Valkyrie Profile. You control a certain character with the buttons sort of how you do in the other Tales games while the others will act on their own unless you give them a certain command. It's not LMB, but a lot of effort was put into making it seem like LMB.


-Character Picture
-Logo Picture
-First Novel Cover
-Second Novel Cover

-Getting Started QuickFAQ
Explains what you should do at the begining of the game, plus some genral stuff like CP, L-EXP, Kururu attitudes, etc. -
Mel/Dio Personality FAQ
Personality/Attitude Combonation List. Good for pesky attitude-related events. :D No Kururu info, sorry.
-Skill List v1.2
List of Mel and Dio's skills sorted by costume. No descriptions or translations, so most of you will find it useless.....
-How to Combine Costumes
A guide for those who can't read Japanese and can't figure out how to combine costumes. This only explains how, not what. Go to ChangeV's site for costume combinations.
-Menu Trans
Ascii of five signifigant menu screens.