SystemN900i, N900iS, F900i, F900iT, F900iC, P900i, P900iV, SH900i
Release DateVaries
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MiscCollection of games
USA ReleaseDon't kid yourself
For 525 yen/month, you get multiple games and a few phone-related Tales goodies. *One game is Tales of Tactics! This game:

--has the characters from the five major console Tales games.
--is an SPRG with real-time battles! (You get into battles in the typical SPRG way, then you're given a fixed amount of time to beat the crap out of the opponent in the typical Tales way.)
--has an original scenario/world?
--is split into chapters and stages
--has an original character called Rukku (Luke? Ruke? Look?) (Why does she look so weird???) (Oh, she was designed by Inomata-sensei. :3)
*Craymel Lab --minigame from ToF *Tales of Breaker, coming this winter --original traditional RPG --battle voice --intro movie with iMotion --character designs by Inomata Mutsumi *Groovy Arche! --Mini game from ToP-PSX --supposed to come at the same time as ToB --Don't know if it's true. I just heard. ;_;

Screen Shots
-Various battling
-Craymel Lab