SystemSuper Famicom (SNES)
DeveloperWolf Team
Release DateDecember 15, 1995
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Misc48mb cartridge! :o
USA Releasen/a
This is the miracle that started the series! The SNES/SFC version has beautiful graphics, wonderful gameplay, and an awsome story, and the PSX version is majorly improved in all aspects. Neither existing version has had a US release, but the SNES/SFC version has been translated (rather loosely, but it was nice of them anyway) by DeJap.

The story of the game follows Cless on his quest for revenge against the man who destroyed his hometown and family in the typical RPG fashion, but don't expect a cliched plot, because the villian doesn't have typical RPG motives. Cless travels with Chester, a friend from the same aformentioned hometown; Mint, a healer whose mother was killed; Klarth, a summoner who wants to learn about and protect magic; and Arche, the pink-haired half-elf mage who's famous for getting drunk in that one scene....

For a SNES game, the original Tales of Phantasia was very advanced. There were very few 48mb cartridges besides this one. This game has voice clips for the skill names and a couple of cutscene events, along with a fully vocalized intro song called Yume wa Owaranai ~Koboreochiru Toki no Shizuki~ ("Dreams do not End ~Splatter Drops of Time~"), which is sung by J-pop artist Yukari Yoshida. The battle system is comparable to a fighting game. You control Cless manually, while the other characters act automatically unless you give them special commands.

-Cless Alvein
-Mint Adnade
-Chester Barklight
-Klarth F. Lester
-Arche Klaine
-Suzu Fujibayashi

-Cless-The cover of the manual, unless I'm mistaken.
-Mint-Mint character design picture
-Chester-Chester character design picture
->Arche-Shot of Arche from the ToP PSX anime opening.
-Klarth-Shot of Klarth from the ToP PSX anime opening.
-Suzu-Shot of Suzu from the ToP PSX anime opening.
-Tornix-Little chatacter art
-Chester-Shot of Chester from the ToP PSX anime opening.
-Dhaos-Shot of Dhaos from the ToP PSX anime opening.
-Cless, Mint, Arche, Sleipnir-The pic used on the SFC and GBA version box
-Cless, Mint, Arche-Commonly seen after PSX version release
-Cless and Mint-Picture from the ToP PSX ending anime
-Dhaos-Picture from the ToP PSX ending anime
-Dhaos-Little character art

SFC version screenshots

-Down with Demitel- My strategy for defeating Demitel/Demeter in the SFC version. Works at lv 13+
-Abyss of Thor- Screenshots of Thor pasted together (by me).
-Church of Fenrir- Screenshots of Freezekill church pasted together (by me, I did a bad job).
-Village of "Japon"- Screenshots of Japon pasted together (by me).
-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x- Battle backdrops and other editted screens from the SFC version (by me too)