Release DateBeta in 2005
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MiscMMORPG based on ToE
USA Release???
Tales of Eternia Online is a MMORPG set in the world of Tales of Eternia (Tales of Destiny II). It has all the Tales-y stuff you're used to, like LMB, skits, and cooking. Players can form parties, shop, converse, participate in events, and enjoy "Eternia" life while progressing the story. You are the hero of this story.


Tales of Eternia Online features a variation on the Linear Motion Battle System so as to be fit for an MMORPG. See?

Skit System
-A Tales-like skit system is the basis of communication
-The player choses the character's occupation and hairstyle, as well as face shape and eyes.


Senshi (Warrior) - Uses a sword and shield, has good defenses, and belongs in the front lines to protect his/her companions.
Kenshi (Swordsman) - Uses a sword with both hands and has strong attack power.
Kakutouka (Martial Artist) - Makes use of fast movement, consecutive attacking, healing by chi kung, etc.
Sei Shoureijutsu Shi (Holy Craymel Mage) - Specializes in Craymel Artes that heal
Ma Shoureijutsu Shi (Magic Craymel Mage) - Specializes in Craymel Artes that damage enemies

Unique Costumes

-You can often get clothing that is just for you
-This feature will be implemented later on?

-Title Art Screenshots
-Wind Craymel's Cave
-Keel's Observatory
-Lookout over Rashean's Forest
-Fire Craymel Valley
-Regulus Dojo
-Inferia City
-Face Chat