SystemPlaystation 2
DeveloperTales Studio
Release DateSeptember 22, 2004
Buy it?Not Yet
MiscPS2 port of ToS
USA ReleaseNo, stop asking

(For info on story, characters, general gameplay, art, etc, see the page for the gamecube version.)

This is a "director's cut" sort of rerelease for Tales of Symphonia. There are some new events, skills, and FMVs.

New Events
-Something in the amusement park
-Some more books to read
-Scene with Zelos in Flanoir
-Scene where Kratos and Refill perform in a play
-Casino mini-game [2] where you can gamble with gald, items, or grade
-Another scene in Asgard converning Refill
-A scene in Palmacosta if you have Shihna in your party when first arriving.

New Skills
-Lloyd's Kaenrekku
-Collet's Grand Cross
-Kratos's Shugohoujin (Zelos too?)
-Zelos's Dankuuken (Kratos too?)
-Regal's Reenshuu
-Presea's Raishuuhougeki

New U-Attack Combos
-Ray (Refill) + Judgement (Collet) = Fukuin
-Sanrikifu (Shihna) + Kogetsusen (Presea) = Zanmegetsueika
-Yousoumoushuukyaku (Regal) + Majinrengazan (Lloyd) = Ryuukometsugajin
-Majinrengazan (Lloyd) + Bakkairenbu (Presea) = Innocent Edge

New Hiougi (Super Secret Skill)
-Refill's Fairy Circle [2]
-Kratos's Shining Bind [2]
-Zelos's Divine Judgement [2]
-Regal's Garenzesshuugeki [2]
-Presea's Reppaenshougeki [2]