2003:09:18 - Here begins a lull....

This is the cover of Tales of Symphonia Original Soundtrack. It's a two-CD set of Tales of Symphonia's music, NOT including Starry Heavens. It's 3,619 yen, without tax, and it's released October 1st.

Other stuff coming out soon or just released:
[manga] Tales of Symphonia Comic Anthology (11/25)
[manga] Tales of Symphonia 4 Koma KINGS (11/25)
[gbook] GBA-Version Tales of Phantasia Original Guidebook (out!)
[figurine] Tales of Phantasia One-Coin Figures (out!)
[manga] Tales of Phantasia Comic Anthology (10/25)
[manga] Tales of Phantasia 4 Koma KINGS (10/25)
[manga] Tales of Destiny 2: 4 Koma Manga vol.4 (out!)
[novel] Tales of Destiny 2 ~Scarlet Wind~ (9/20)
[manga] Tales of Destiny 2 vol.4 (10/27)
(The subtitle of that ToD2j novel is "")

Namco's having another fan art contest, and it's for ToS this time. Unfortuneately, like last time, you have to deliver it personally to the Namco booth at the Tokyo Game Show. If you're able to do that, there's more info here.

Namco has trademarked three words: Legendia, Grania, Gralia. We all know there's going to be more Tales games no matter what, but it seems like they're planning to name the next console installment "Tales of Legendia".... Whether or not they actually DO is another thing. They could change their minds.

We're probably going to have somewhat of a news LULL for awhile, now that the blitzkrig of games is over... or maybe not. Knowing Namco, they won't leave us in silence for too long. If they don't have a game to show us, they'll over hype some merchendise (e.g. something from the above list). It should be about another year before we hear much of any new console Tales, but I think a new GBA game will be announced soon.

Too lazy to post more fan art....

Oh, any of you who need a FAQ for ToS (or even ToP-GBA) should look here.

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2003:08:30 - ToS stuff!

There's going to be a book called V-JUMP BOOKS [Game Series] Tales of Symponia. I don't know what it's about... o_o

So... Tales of Symphonia came out two days ago (*cough* time zones), and in its first day, it sold 204k units. ^_^ w00tage. It should be able to meet Namco's goal of 500k without too much trouble. I'm interested in seeing how many GameCubes it sent out. XD

There are twenty anime FMV screenshots from ToS's opening movie and also nice artwork of the seirei/spirits. Am I the only one who thinks it's weird that ToS doesn't have the same seirei ToP does? *shrug* Well, they're cool nonetheless, and it's enough for me that Undine has a sword and that Asuka and Luna exist. XP

I tried to fix some glitchy stuff.

For the record, I won't be getting ToS until it comes out in the US (unless I win the lottery before that), so you probably don't want to come to me for help if you're stuck or something....

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2003:08:23 - Gasp! Progress! But no news...?

Well, this here is the cover of Day After Tomorrow's CD called moon gate, which includes Starry Heaven. There's an MP3 out there that's a slower version of Starry Heavens that in neither the game, the commercials, nor the CD. *shrug* It's still upbeat, just not as fast as the one we're used to. *is listening to it*

Anyway, moon gate comes out on Sept 3rd. (It costs 1050 yen.)

*cough* Oh, yes. The new site design. I got a level up and gained a few points in my INT stat, which made me realize that the old one was stupid. Not for how it looked, but it had unecessarily large file sizes and if I needed to add something to the top menu bar, I'd have to change EVERY page. Bleh. But I discovered the mighty iFrames! *worships them* Yeah, I stole that swirly thing along the side from the ToF official website. ^_^;

So... like it? Hate it? Have technical dificulties in regards to it? Think it's too girly??? Ya know, I think I'll try some news-post-comment-thingy in conjunction with my message board, in hopes to make the message board more popular. So clicky that linky down there. You don't need to sign up to use the message board (but you might as well if you'll be using it often).

In regards to the Books and CDs section.... *sigh* I actually know nothing about that stuff. If you have more info I should add (or a correction), feel free to let me know. Also, I have new fan arts~! *crickets chirp* Plus I added Mitos and Regal's character bios to the ToS page.

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2003:07:04 - Bunki System

There's new gameplay info about ToS. It's not battle system stuff, but rather some info on the "bunki system" that was only vaguely mentioned before. (Bunki means divergence, fork [in the road], etc. You'll see why.)

You use the Chat System and Camp Skits (is that face chats and ToE-esque campfire cutscenes?) to communicate with your characters. You're given different choices, and what you choose affects the emotions of the character you're talking to. It can also affect events that follow, so you should choose carefully.

(If you're importing and you don't know enough Japanese to understand your choices, you might have some problems. ^_^; But it seems like the nice answer is usually the one on top.)

Like two updates ago *feels bad* Tales Channel gave out info on a new ToP NPC. He name should be one of the following:
Arshia, Arsia, Arthia, Ershia, Ersia, Erthia, Ashia, Athia, and so on.... The commonly accepted one seems to flip between Arshia and Erthia.She's the genious carver who can repair the broken bow (Chester's). She's a half-elf, she has two different eye colors, and she has a thing (yanno, a thing) with Brambard. >_>;

Also... Namco is doing these campaign thingies. I don't have the Japanese skills to figure out what they are, but I assume that you need to be somewhat fluent to get anything out of them anyway. If you're interested, go here for more info.

I'll give you pictures later.
2003:06:17 - Errr....

The Big News: Release Dates

Symphonia JP - August 29, 2003
Symphonia NA - Supposedly April 2, 2004 (I don't trust it) but IGN says March 15 (I trust that less)
Phantasia JP - August 1, 2003
Phantasia NA - N/A = NOT APPLICABLE. Get over it, you WIMPS.
Destiny 2 NA - Same as Phantasia NA. I mean, duh.

The Big News: Characters and Stuff

Tales Channel (and one of those Jump magazines) has announced two new ToS characters. Zelos Wilder and Presea Combatir. I added their character profiles, along with their artwork and many screens for both new games.

Tales of Symphonia's intro music is named "Starry Heavens" and will be done by Day After Tomorrow. The little bit of the song I've heard suggests that it'll be great. "Key to my Heart"-haters, fear not! for you shall not go through that pain again. I think it'll bump "Flying" out of my favorite spot, but I'll have to hear the whole thing first.

Speaking of opening themes, ToP-GBA will have the same one ToP-SFC had (by Yukari Yoshida, and I guess it's the same recording).
2003:06:01 - Umm....

The new ToS charas have confirmed names now: Refill Sage, Kratos Aurion, and Shihna. Yes, Shihna. This clumsy, busty, and apparently humorous assassin is entirely new. I have her character artwork now, and I made profiles for all three of them. There's 11 new screens for your viewing pleasure as well.

Now, release dates.... ToS and ToP are both supposed to come out (in Japan) in 2003, but it seems the month is completely uknown.

Speaking of ToP-GBA, there are new screen shots~ yayness. And little tiny pics of Tornix and Dhaos. Oh, nobody contact me with or in regards to petitions for ToP-GBA's localization... unless you want to annoy me for whatever reason.

I coulda swore there was something else I wanted to update about....

2003:05:10 - Hmm....

This update is so late because I was plucked from my peacefully routine life by an out-of-nowhere emergency trip to Texas. >_< The next Tales Channel update should come soon, but until then....

BIG NEWS: Tales of Symphonia has been confirmed for North American release. I'm too skeptical to get excited, but you can feel free to jump around the room in excitement.

Tales Channel news article translation (by Cyllya - so don't trust it!):

Even in the End-of-Battle picture, there's a secret....
(accompanying image)

The picture to the right is a screenshot showing the end of Symphonia's battles.
When you play, you get various numerical values and items at this point. Yet now, as you may have noticed,  "GRADE" is written to the lower right of the other numbers.

Yes. Symphonia has adopted Destiny 2's popular "Battle Grade Points" system. Each battle is evaluated and converted into points; the more points, the better.

This good thing should help you enjoy playing!

There! Next time there will be even more news! Come back next time!

Something this update didn't mention (and I assume the next will) is two new characters. Okay, one of them isn't really new new, but who would've guessed that Rifiru (Lloyd, Collet, and Genious's teacher) would be a playable character? She appears to be a mage of sort, weilding a staff. IMO, if you cloned SO2's Dias and SamoRine's Alph together (and maybe with a little bit of Lloyd DNA in there too), you would get something along the lines of this other new character. He's completely new. No name, or anything.

The ToS page now includes Fujishima's art of these two characters, as well as new screenshots.

I tried to fix the broken links o the ToD2j page; I think I got them all. The fan art page is updated with about six new pics. And --gasp--the ND1 page was updated with character profiles.
2003:04:07 - Finally

Gotta hurry or I'll be late for school >_< I updated the ToS page. Hopefully I can elaborate later tonight. I also want to fix some broken links on the ToD2 page....
2003:04:04 - Is this going to be a regular thing?!

On the 31st, Namco said that they will officially announce a new game on the 7th. Famitsu just gave info out on Tales of Symphonia. You can see the scans on this site, and I put some of the info up on the ToS page. The names of the two worlds in this game seem suspiciously familiar to me. I'll get more info and pictures up on Monday, or if we're lucky, Sunday night.

Namco has made a daughter company called Tales Studio which will be responsible for Tales games from now on. I never understand this business-y stuff, but every says that this is great news. I'll take their word. No, this doesn't imply whether any more Tales games will be localized or not.

I made these fake screenshots a long time ago, but I didn't reveal them to GameFAQs until I decided to make them
my April Fool's joke: (1)(2) They're for an equally fake game called Tales of the Rings, which is a GBA Tales game based on The Lord of the Rings. A couple people sounded like the fell for it, but I don't think any of them did; they were just playing along. At least I hoped no one belived it. That Keel with a fake beard isn't exactly convincing.... Though I included those "screens" and "info" in with a bunch of authentic info, and I think two or so people were confused as to what was real. o_O
2003:03:19/20 - It's like the BIGGEST NEWS ever! (Now released!)

BIG NEWS #1: There is a Tales of Phantasia anime series planned for release sometime in 2004. Being an OVA (Original Video Animation, not made for TV), there's no telling how long the episodes will be or how many.

BIG NEWS #2: Tales of Phantasia for GBA will be released in June. o_O That sure snuck up on us.... The actual day is undetirmined. This is what Tales Channel made a big deal about last week. Check the ToP page for more.

Medium news:
that "Fundemental Lecture" thing was updated awhile ago, but I never mentioned it....

Little News: Two ToD2 fan arts....