SystemGameboy Advance
DeveloperWolf Team & Alpha Systems
Release DateOct 2002
Buy it?NCSX or Himeya
MiscMore Narikiri action~
USA Releasen/a
The charas aren't as cute and I don't think the story is as good, but the gameplay is more fun than ND1. The game has true LMB again, costumes are easier to obtain, and it can be beat in about a tenth of the time.

Characters from ToP, ToD, and ToE are all playable characters, most of them optional. The main characters are Frio and Kyaro, who were orphaned due to a demon attack. (They are friends, not siblings.) They have about 100 costumes each, and this time you must buy a different costume for each character because they are for different genders. :D

The world (the weird floating island) is in danger, but it's necessary for the heroes to be people from this world. If the world isn't saved, Frio and Kyaro can't undergo the ceremony to become adults, and they will always be a burden to their orphanage--so they volunteer to do the job. But they're not exactly hero material. The goddesses, Ayda and Stella, give them a special power; they can become anything if they wear the right clothes. The goddesses also bring heroes from other worlds to help out.

In the midst of monster-killing, Frio and Kyaro use their powers to help people. You go to an NPC, get a "Quest", and go do it. Most plot points are disguised as Quests.

Frio Svane
Kyaro Orangê
(There are no official translations for these names.)
For the other 22 player charas, see the page of the game they came from.

-Narikirishi Frio
-Narikirishi Kyaro
-Musician Kyaro
-Ninja Frio
-Wonder Chef Frio
-Witch Kyaro + Arche
-Swordsman Frio
-Scholar Frio + Keel
-Model Kyaro
-Katz Kyaro
-Salesman Frio
-Theif Kyaro
-Wizard Frio
-Archer Kyaro + Chester
-Narikirishi Frio
-Narikirishi Kyaro
-Promo Image
-Novelization Illust

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