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Pictures marked "(new)" are either a) new as of the most recent update or b) new as of the previous update and I forgot to remove the "(new)" mark.... Pictures marked as "(spoilers)" will reveal part of the game's plot.

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Tales of Phantasia
Oekaki picture of Jahmir
These three are pallet swaps of eacher in the SFC version, so I tried to make them different.
Origin and Sereph.
(WARNING: morbid) Hey, hey, there were some sword-weilding demons in the cutscene, iirc, you just never fought any. Didn't fight those bat things either.
and Martel.
The Story of the Moon Spirit
Depicting the story told to you if you talk to a couple of random NPCs in the right order.
Cless and Mint

The Ary scene.(new)
Lobstery Cless

This is actually from Tales of Fandom.(new)
First Aid!

Cless looks kinda weird, but I like Mint(new)
Treant Forest

Everyone's favorite dungeon.(new)

Tales of Destiny

Philia and Clemente
Oekaki picture of Phila and Clemente
Oekaki picture of Johnny/Karyl with a hand-killing bg.
Let's be friends!--not!
(little spoilers)
Scene on Draconis, if you pester Leon too much....
Fear Flare!

More Philia and Clemente. (new)
Phun in Phanadria
No room for Chelsea. (new)

Tales of Eternia
Lack of Pocket Space
Inspired by seeing Rid poke that train cage in his pocket like something the size of an apple gummy. :o
Half-Conscious (medium spoilers)
Depicting a scene near the end of disk 1, where Farah is seeing stuff from her dream, but she hears Ras trying to wake her up.
Injured Heart (medium spoilers)
Gnome is so mean! He hurt Ifrit's feelings~! (Ifrit and Celcius get my vote for ToE's Cutest Couple~!)
"Face Me!"
(little spoilers)
Standing in front of the Bridge of Light.
Wahh! Get Away!
Chat is st00pid because she dun like cute things like Quickie.
That Dream Again.... (medium spoilers)
Scene in Hotel Tinnsia after Rid wakes up from a nightmare.
Meredy w/ Quickie and Keel.
Craymel Mages Meredy and Keel... casting time....
Campfire Sins (big spoilers) Regulus Knoll campfire scene
Wingy Needed something or other relating to OP song... (new)
Seyfert Observatory (medium spoilers) I liked the view~ (Keel is stoopid, byw)(new)
Love of the Sea Chat~(new)
Miacis to Our Hearts Fog/Max and Dede(new)

Tales of Phantasia
Narikiri Dungeon
Clowning Around
Asobinin in trees~
Mel is Cute
Colored lines! Weird BG!
Penetrate Ray (not kamehameha!)
Looks suspiciously like Dhaos Laser....
L337 N1nj4 $k1llz MANJUSHAGE! Colored lines.
Sword Practice in the Narikiri House
Tenderloin Super-Shopper
Now that's hot.... Olive Village, I mean.
Kururu Fish
I thought he was ugly, so I wanted to draw him cool....
Wind Mage
Wind Mage Dio~
Silent Assassin Assassin Dio - Yay! for MS Paint.
Aim... Ranger costume(new)
Finding a Corpse (medium spoilers) Some ToP backstory.(new)

Tales of the World
Narikiri Dungeon 2
Fighting Stance (medium spoilers) Ras and Farah
Indecision? (big spoilers)
Rid and Farah... same scene as above.
Kill! Kill! (big spoilers)
Guess what my favorite scene is? (new)
Kaminari Kenshi and Honoo Kenshi.

Tales of Destiny 2

Water Dance
Copied an opening movie screenshot
Leon and Judas
Cute Harold
Used it for stationary when snail-mailing Namco(new)
And Leon.(new)

Tales of the World
~Summoner's Lineage~

Fulein and Macaron
Release date celebration~
West Island Scene
Go, Mark! Kick his ass!
Villanous Lackeys
Coolest. Villanous lackeys. Ever.
Magic Storm
It doesn't look as cool as it's supposed to... ;_;
Venezzia Scene (medium spoilers)
It was supposed to focus on Fulein's reaction to what Mark is saying, but you end up paying more attention to Velga and Slam.
Halloween: Medibelle
Scariest costume eva.
In some coffin in some old abandoned castle...?
Does this happen often? Or was Fulein the only one to mistake Mark for a girl?
Ide yo! Efreet! (medium spoilers)
That West Island Scene again. Alph summoning Efreet.(new)(new)
Momentary Ressurection (medium spoilers)
"Take one last gift from the brother you knew!"(new)(new)

Tales of Symphonia

I wonder if this is why his grades are bad? :/
Battle Scene
Fight! (Whoops, I forgot to draw Genius a fireball).
Air Thrust!
There was a screenshot where this was happening, and I thought it looked neat. I replaced the weirdo dwarf thing with something I thought looked scarier. XP
Yuan is cool!!! (And Bohta's alright too.)(new)(new)
The Chaos of Battle (medium spoilers)
That one scene. I ran out of room for the other charas.(new)(new)
Shrine Maiden
ph34r Relical Mode Refill!(new)(new)
How Zelos Got Through School
No really. He admitted it. (Ack! Perspective!)(new)(new)
You Pervert! (medium spoilers)
Poor misunderstood Lloyd. (Why wasn't this scene voiced?!?!?!)(new)(new)

Halloween - ND1/ND2
Mel and Kyaro wear each other's clothes for Halloween~
Christmas - ToP/ToD/ToE
*pulls out shotgun* Don't mention "Link" or else....
Valkyire - most of 'em
Just a portrait.

Submitted Fan Art

Dio by Musashi Razz
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